What should i do if the guy i like is dating another girl

My point in this blog is to point out things to look for and consider if you find yourself in a relationship with someone who cheats.

Ladies you need to be wiser when it comes to that scenario always trust your instincts. Once you caught him you can forgive him but the second time you caught him he made a choice already.

Why do Guys Cheat on Their Girlfriends? 5 Real Reasons

Cheating is always a choice its never an accident its just like temptation. Love makes us selfless that even it hurts so much already we keep on trying to fix it and we never lose hope because we love that person so much more than ourselves. The worst feeling that we cant bear thinking living without him or him being with another woman. Never beg for love because if that man really loves you he wont let you beg for his love. So he also made a choice to ignore his thoughts and continue entertaining instead of resisting and ignoring the other woman.

If your heart tells you something please believe it. I was with someone who abused me for 3 years. I worked hard to buy him what he wanted in life. And in the end he cheated on me for 2 years while I was going through a miscarriage. Please do this for your own happiness please love yourself because hes just a person please. He said he was travelling for work and coming to see me on my Bday,I caught him with another girl no travelling.

To make the story short.. That moment flash back everytime I close my eyes. I have dating 4 years with my boyfriend but I found out that he cheating on me. I break up with him but after one week of break he call me and he ask me why did I stop to call him. What should I do? The problem is that he never acted as though. I really insisted before he told that presently he is officially in a relationship with 4 girls where one of them even refused to go to school if he doesnot accept him.

After giving him several reasons to let them go and choose me where he refused, I told him OK since you talked of being friends let be friends then. Look for clues on his clothes or the things he carries to help you know what to say. You could say, "What are you listening to?

Is that one of your favorites? Say something nice to the guy. People like hearing nice things about himself, so the next time you see him, give him a compliment.

You don't have to compliment his looks. You can compliment his clothes, smile, or even his intelligence or humor. Invite the guy to hang out with you. You don't have to ask him on a date just yet.

Bears Repeating – This is Not ALL Men

Just ask him to do something you both like. It can make it easier if you get a group of people together. That can take the pressure off. You want to check out the car show this weekend with me and my friends? Approach the guy directly. One simple way to get a guy to go out with you is to simply ask you.

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It's alright to be a little nervous or shy, but the worst he can say is "No! For example, you could say, "Hey, do you want to go out on a date sometime? I kind of like you. Tell the guy you like him to encourage him to ask you out. This step can be really scary! You don't want to be hurt. But, the only way the guy will know you like him is if you tell him.

Then, maybe he'll ask you out so you don't have to ask him. You may find out that he likes you back. As more than a friend. Ask the guy out indirectly if you're afraid to ask him directly. You don't always have to walk up and ask him out. You can give him hints or work up to asking him out.

Maybe he'll take the hint and ask you out. Do you know any good stores nearby? First of all, you likely are harsher on yourself than other people. A brilliant smile from a happy person is enough to make anyone look beautiful! But in the end, if he doesn't like you for who you are--you're heart, your intelligence, your personality--then he's not worth it. You'll find someone who can appreciate you as a whole person. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Well, the truth is, you can't make someone like you. If your situation ends up with him saying that he's not into you that way, give yourself a little while to be upset, but then you need to move on.

If he doesn't like you, then he wasn't the guy for you! Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. My boyfriend told me he loves me, but he has a few feelings for another girl. To start, her breakup — even if wants the relationship to end — will be difficult and painful for everyone involved. It might even be too painful for her to be with anyone in the short term. So while she might be interested now, or six weeks from now, she could easily change her mind. This might be rational or irrational, likely or unlikely — but the fear just might linger. Here, as in most relationship challenges, sharing your concerns and discussing them openly will be essential.

But it can also lead to some nasty residual fears. The quality of her character — what kind of person she is — should guide your feelings about her post-break-up. So given these risks, ask yourself this: That should be one of your guiding questions: Once again, your motivations will help you examine the ethical aspect of chasing a girl with a boyfriend. You should, however, think long and hard about the implications of inserting yourself into a toxic relationship and dating someone who would enter one.

But getting involved in a toxic relationship is also a bit like a quicksand pit.

Attracting a Girl with a Boyfriend | A Guide for Guys

The harder you try to get her, the more enmeshed you become in her toxic relationship, which saps your energy and makes it harder for you to be a strong, healthy person. In the latter, you need to seriously consider your reasons for chasing her — and determine whether you both want to pursue this relationship.

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If you feel that you must be with this person, and — this is essential — the feeling is clearly mutual that is, she feels about you the way you feel about her, and you both want to be together , then you can and should go for it. But ethically speaking, two self-aware adults choosing to be with each other despite any previous attachments is a reasonable ground upon which to build a relationship.

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But there also strong reasons not to pursue an attached woman. If a girl is in a relationship that makes her happy, why would you want to break it up? Again, we return to the question of motivation. There are excellent reasons to be friends with women, and — as we often say on the podcast — female friends are essential to a well-rounded social life.

She Found Another Guy

So consider the practical and ethical considerations here. We can only share the right questions to ask so you can make sound decisions for the long term.